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Bespoke modern calligraphy, design & fine stationery

I’m Mathilda,
and I’m so excited that you are here

Let's design some stunning details that your guests can't stop gushing about

I design fine art calligraphy and stationery for madly in love couples that want timeless keepsakes from beautiful moments in life. Using a mindful artisan design approach and carefully sourced materials from independent makers and studios that celebrate craftsmanship.




Hand bound vow books with softly textured handmade paper and soft pale grey silk ribbon.

Hand bound vow books with softly textured handmade paper and soft pale grey silk ribbon.

Where story and style meet

To me wedding stationery goes beyond designing something beautiful. It isn't just about the information and details about the time and place of your big day. It's about the feeling of the texture of the paper, the weight of the invite in your hand and the delicate imprint of the printed finish. It's about thoughtfully pairing the design with materials and finishing details that elevate it and come together to tell a story about you as a couple and your wedding vision.

For me it's about bringing in and honouring that love, excitement and magic of your wedding day. It's about the love and excitement your guests will feel when they receive your thoughtfully designed wedding invitation. About the carefully crafted wedding day details that enchant your guests. And it's about designing keepsakes that will bring back those loving memories when you look at your wedding invitations in the future.

My never ending love for letter, design and textures

As a recent bride and creative small business owner I know all about those never ending to-do lists. Not to mention the endless nights Pinterest scrolling for that magical moment of inspiration. Let’s just say those did nothing for that glowing bridal look I was longing for.

So let me take some things off your plate. Calligraphy is my favourite thing to obsess about, I never tire of the delicate details. In fact, I’ve been smitten ever since those magical lessons in cursive about 20 years ago. I would update my handwriting every few weeks to see if I could make it prettier, edgier, more frilly, less round… you get the point. I’m a proper letter details geek. And I would love to use that knowledge and passion to help you with your calligraphy needs.

Bespoke calligraphy with gold leaf details for a romantic countryside wedding

Bespoke calligraphy with gold leaf details for a romantic countryside wedding


On my love list

Because who doesn’t love some quirky facts?



Many calligraphers avoid coffee as the caffeine can make you a bit shaky. I can literally down a coffee and instantly drift off to sleep. But then my mum could easily drink 12 cups a day. So maybe it’s in my scandi genes?


Freja, also known as the fur baby

Rest assured your future invites are being quality checked by a very scrutinising eye. My little kitty Freja (yes I named my cat after a scandi goddess) watches my every move. If she doesn’t like it she’ll sit on it.


The hubby

So different to me yet the same art loving soul. Being a maths lover he sorts out my excel sheets when I’m crying into my hot cocoa. And the first to drag me to every art exhibition everywhere we go. I love him (almost) more than the fur baby.


Handwritten letters

Is there anything that feels quite as special as receiving a beautifully handwritten letter? Receiving these letters from my grandma makes my heart jump. Just the thought that she sat down to write these by hand makes me cry tears of joy and love.


A good book

Preferably in the shade with the sea breeze as company. Anything dark and scandi will do.


The kindest of words



Other than beautiful brides and grooms I've been lucky enough to work with wonderful brands on projects including bespoke event calligraphy, in-store calligraphy, branding and teaching calligraphy workshops.

Estée LaudeR


L. k. Bennet


Tate Britain




Now I want to hear all about how I can help you with your calligraphy needs, dreams and ideas.

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Instagram is my inspirational happy place. I love sharing all things modern calligraphy, behind the scenes and floral drawings (plus some kitten love in my stories).