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Bespoke modern calligraphy, design & fine stationery

Elevate your brand

With a unique elegant touch of modern calligraphy

You’re a creative woman in business, working towards your dreams and building a brand you’re proud of. You want to attract your ideal clients and collaborators. But you feel like there’s a little something missing in your branding that’s holding you back from proudly showing it off. Maybe you’ve started seeing your logo font pop up amongst your competitors? Or want to infuse a handmade human element to your branding? Or maybe you’re just incredibly smitten with calligraphy (oh my me too!) and want something completely unique for your brand?


If you have a crush on calligraphy and a thing for florals then we might just be the perfect match.

Inspired by nature and the Scandinavian minimalism I grew up with I love infusing branding with that perfectly imperfect touch of calligraphy and delicate floral details. So if you’re looking for some flourished lines or hand drawn botanical elements you’re in the right place. I can help you with anything from logo design to individual branding elements. And with my background in digital graphic design and working with all things pixel perfect, I know all about how to digitise those handmade details to work for your needs.


Where handmade calligraphy and digital design meet  —


My starting point is always you and your brand story.

But I love adding calligraphy to branding because I find that there’s just something about the handmade nature of it that tends to speak to people in such a lovely way. Especially when so much is communicated digitally, those handmade strokes tend to stand out and grab our attention. And since no calligraphy stroke is the same it will be completely unique for your brand.

With my background in digital design I'm very familiar with all things pixel perfect. I use this knowledge to enhance the your branding and creating versatile assets for you to use. All while keeping that unique handwritten calligraphy touch that makes your brand stand out against the rest. Using calligraphy means your branding will be truly bespoke as each stroke is unique.


The inspiration behind the logo

A Quiet Style


Emma Harris is just the most extraordinary stylist so I was over the moon when she contacted me about designing a new logo for her brand A Quiet Style. She knew she wanted something with a handwritten feel and botanical elements. Since she styles absolutely stunning still life with florals I decided to take the inspiration for the botanical details from her styling and photography. I wanted to capture that delicate yet organic feel in her logo. For the colour we settled on a soft, calm grey with a hint of lilac that fits beautifully with her photography style. 

Ps. If you want to get blown away by beautiful styling, head on over to Emma’s Instagram.


The kindest of words


How it works

Immerse yourself in the bespoke branding experience



This is where I get to know you, your brand and your vision. Complete my bespoke branding form or email me at, share your overflowing Pinterest boards (I adore Pinterest so don’t be shy with your ideas and inspiration) and let’s start by chatting through your ideas.

After you’ve shared your big dreams, branding vision, needs and potential no-no’s I will share a proposal and quote based off your priorities and budget.



Next, it’s time to turn that inspiration into your branding elements. We’ll go through sketched concepts and develop the ideas from your feedback.

When we have settled on the concept I will perfect all those flourished details of your final design. 


Step 3 – Brand ready

You’re in love with your branding elements and it’s time to make them fit for use. I will export your final designs to fit with your requirements and needs. Making sure they’re ready for you to start pushing your brand forwards.  


Bespoke branding sounds like just what I’ve been looking foR

But how much will it cost?

Pricing for bespoke branding start at


For a logo design, including:

Sketched concepts
Up to 3 rounds of design feedback
Colour variations for dark and light backgrounds
Finalised artwork exported for your needs and requirements


Are you looking for other branding elements than a full logo design?
I also offer spot calligraphy. Please get in touch for a bespoke quote, sharing your thoughts and ideas.

A little note about availability

SI only take one a few bespoke branding projects a year as I want to ensure I give each of my clients the attention to detail they deserve. So please book early to avoid disappointment.

I’m currently welcoming enquiries for Autumn 2018 & beyond


Do you think we’re a good fit to design your beautiful branding together?

Amazing, let’s get to it. Send me a note to with your thoughts and ideas. Please share any Pinterest boards or images of branding you adore to give me an idea of what you’re looking for. I’ll be in touch within two business days. Ready to get to know you and your brand better and get started on that bespoke quote.


What other branding clients have wondered


How long does it take until I have my branding elements?

Turnaround time for branding elements will vary depending on the complexity of your design. In general I would allow for between 4 and 6 weeks from our initial consultation until you have your vectorised logo. This allows you to let your options sink in. If you’re looking for spot calligraphy rather than a full logo design the timeline would generally be shorter depending on my availability.


I would love to add calligraphy to my branding but I don’t want the full logo design. Is there another option for me? 

Absolutely, I also offer spot calligraphy and custom branding elements. Send me a note with your ideas to and we can chat it through. 


I would love new branding but I’m nervous I’ll confuse my customers. Can I limit the confusion somehow? 

Oooh this is a big one. I always feel like it’s a good idea to be as transparent as possible with your clients when rebranding. Tell them about it on Instagram, mention your excitement about the sketches, maybe even ask their top choice between your final two if you’re feeling brave! There’s also little things we can do like keeping your brand colour, or one of the fonts in the tagline to make it feel like the upgraded version of your brand. And just think of the amazing feeling when you can share a brand you’re proud of with you current and new clients.  


How do I get started?

Yay, I can’t wait to start working with you. Send me a note with your ideas to I will be in touch about availability, an initial consultation and your bespoke quote.