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Calligraphy artist, floral illustrator and stationery designer

Bespoke calligraphy wedding invitations

Luxuriously tailored to you and your love story

Are you looking for wedding invitations that give your guests an enchanting first glimpse of your upcoming big day? Then you’re in the right place.

With bespoke wedding invitations there’s a real opportunity to create some truly special and unique that fits with your wedding vision – From bringing in floral details from your bouquet to an illustration of your stunning venue.

Elegant calligraphy Save the Dates with a delicate sheet of floral vellum for a wedding on Rhode Island.

Elegant calligraphy Save the Dates with a delicate sheet of floral vellum for a wedding on Rhode Island.


Taking inspiration from your wedding story and the life you’re creating together I will work with you and your vision to design a unique suite from scratch – from sketches to the final wax seal detail. Marrying that perfectly imperfect handmade touch of calligraphy with elegant timeless design and delicate details. I aim to create effortlessly beautiful keepsakes for you to reminisce over for years to come.

Each calligraphy stroke on you wedding suites will be done by hand, then scanned in to fit perfectly on your designs.

Each calligraphy stroke on you wedding suites will be done by hand, then scanned in to fit perfectly on your designs.


The kindest of words


How it works



Step 1 – Inspiration

After we’ve agreed on pricing based on your initial ideas and budget the sky is the limit! This is where I’d love to hear about your ides and see your overflowing Pinterest boards before I start sketching your bespoke designs.

STEP 2 – Design

Next, it’s time to turn that inspiration into your dream suite. We’ll go through sketched concepts, printing methods and all those lovely details bring it all together. Don’t worry if your initial ideas have evolved, we’ll work through all of that to make sure your suite is perfectly tailored to you.



You’re in love with your proof and it’s time for some printing magic. Whether you’ve opted for elegant letterpress, eye-catching gold foil, dramatic white ink or flat printed watercolour effects your suite is getting ready to enchant your wedding guests.

And if you want some thoughtfully assembled details or calligraphy envelopes this is where I’ll add all those finishing touches that will make your wedding suite frame-worthy.



Are you as obsessed with paper and printing as I am?
Here is an overview of the methods I love to work with.


Digital printing

Cost: £

Texture: Smooth

Ink colour: Unlimited

This is the most common type of printing, think of it as your home printer but much better quality. If you’re looking for those dreamy watercolour effects or more than two colours this is the option for you.

Letterpress printing

Cost: ££ - £££

Texture: Impression

Ink colour: 1-2

Letterpress is beautifully luxurious and leaves an impression where the inked surface is pressed into the paper. It’s an old form of printing and can be expensive as it involves designing a special plate for your design. Each colour is printed separately and it’s also this plate that leaves the stunning printing texture.

Hot foil printing

Cost: £££

Texture: Metallic 

Ink colour: 1

This is the way to go if you’re looking for those beautiful metallic effects. That stunning gold, copper, silver etc. As with letterpress this is a luxury printing method requiring a more advanced setup, making it more expensive than digital printing. But the result is simply magical.


A bespoke suite sounds like just the thing for me


The pricing for a bespoke suite can vary greatly. It all depends on your desired quantity, materials, printing method and added details. Each bespoke suite is custom quoted based on your needs. As a guide the majority of couples choosing a bespoke suite end up working around a £800 – £1,500 budget. But if you provide me with a budget that you have in mind and some details around what you’re looking for I’m happy to have a look at how we can achieve your dream stationery.





How long does it take until I have my invites?

The bespoke process typically takes around 8 weeks, sometimes a bit longer. It will all depend on design complexity, your preferred printing method and if you want those extra mesmerising calligraphy details such as bespoke wax seals or envelope calligraphy. I encourage you to plan ahead but don’t be afraid to reach out even if you’re cutting it a bit close to the deadline. I will do my very best to work some magic for you.


How many invitations should I order?

Think of invites per household rather than per guest as a starting point. Then I recommend adding at least 10-15 extras to give room for last minute additions to your guest lists. And don’t forget about the beautiful keepsakes these will make (I’m all about the keepsakes). For envelopes I require 20% extra. I put a lot of love and detail into my work but I’m only human and ink splatters do occur! 


How does the design approval process work?

You will get your own personal space in my Dubsado workflow. This makes it easy and accessible for you to add your feedback right next to the designs. Up to three rounds of revisions are included in the design fee, which is usually more than enough. But don’t worry if you still feel like there’s some little tweaks that need to be perfected. Further adjustments can be requested for a small fee to ensure you’re completely head over heels in love with your invitations.


I absolutely adore one of the suites on your site. Can I have it as it is? 

Of course! If it’s one of my semi-custom suites that you want to make your own you can simply choose that design as the starting point. I can then update it with your preferred colour and printing options to make it perfect for your wedding. If it’s something I’ve designed for a shoot simply share the photo with me and I can design a suite based on that for you. 


How do I get started?

Wonderful, I can’t wait to get started on your designs with you. Complete my contact form or send me an email at And please feel free to share any overflowing Pinterest boards you may have. I will be in touch asap about how we can make your dream wedding invitations reality. 



Instagram is my inspirational happy place. You’ll find me sharing about all things calligraphy and floral paintings at @mathildalundin. Pop over and say hi.