Festive place cards with wax seals and ribbons


One of my favourite things about this festive time of year is all the excuses it provides for us to make beautifully calligraphed gift tags and place cards. I'm currently obsessed with my new wax seal from Stamptitude (also, how can you not love that name?) and black wax from Granit. So I decided to use them to create some place cards for New Years. Including one for our little kitten as well of course. Does this officially make me a crazy kitten mama? The little ribbon makes them perfect to add around each guests napkin at the table. 

So let's get to how to make these! 


You will need

  • Thick paper
  • Wax seal
  • Wax
  • Ribbon
  • Something to write with (I used a Nikko G nib with an oblique penholder and sumi ink)

Plus optional sweet treats. I say optional but I’m pretty sure it’s scientifically proven to help with your crafts. I chose mince pies purely because they’re pretty. 


Step 1

Melt your wax.


Step 2

Attach the ribbon to the paper with your wax and stamp it with a pretty design.


Step 3

Write the name or message on your tag.


Step 4

Make someone happy (Alex enjoyed his more than Freja did). Relax and enjoy your well deserved treat.

Hope all of you have a lovely New Years Eve!