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How to use the Finetec palette for pointed nib calligraphy


If you're into Modern Calligraphy, and have been looking for something to give your work that extra sparkle, you've probably come across the stunning metallic palettes by Finetec (changing their name to Coliro). They have a beautiful range of colours ranging from gold to silver to beautiful rose metallics. With their ingredients of gum arabic and mica-pigments they come out beautifully opaque on both light and dark surfaces. 

But here's the thing that might seem tricky at first sight. They're neatly packaged in little palettes, that looks more like watercolours than a ready to use ink. How do you get the ink from the palette onto your nib without dipping it? Don't worry, it's a bit more of a process than a ready to use ink. But the results are absolutely stunning and well worth the extra effort.

Here's what you'll need

  • Finetec colour of your choice

  • Your favourite nib and penholder

  • A small brush

  • A jar of water

  • Some paper to write on


First you add some water to the pigment, let it sit for a couple of seconds or so to let it soften up a bit. After that you want to start to gently mix the water with the pigment. You're looking for a milky consistency (on the top layer, the pigment below is still solid). I usually go between my water jar and the palette a few times. If the ink isn't flowing smoothly I add more water. If I end up with a too watery consistency I just let it sit for a while and let the pigment go back to a more solid state. So experiment and see what consistency works for you. 


When you're happy with your ink mix you load up your brush and gently paint on the ink on the underside of your nib. Make sure to fill up the reservoir by looking at when the hole is completely covered with ink. And that's it, you're ready to do some sparkling beautiful calligraphy!


Hope you found this tutorial helpful and please feel free to share it with anyone you think might find it interesting and inspiring.

Experiment, have fun and write something beautiful! And please tag me on Instagram to show me what you've created xx

Festive place cards with wax seals and ribbons


One of my favourite things about this festive time of year is all the excuses it provides for us to make beautifully calligraphed gift tags and place cards. I'm currently obsessed with my new wax seal from Stamptitude (also, how can you not love that name?) and black wax from Granit. So I decided to use them to create some place cards for New Years. Including one for our little kitten as well of course. Does this officially make me a crazy kitten mama? The little ribbon makes them perfect to add around each guests napkin at the table. 

So let's get to how to make these! 


You will need

  • Thick paper
  • Wax seal
  • Wax
  • Ribbon
  • Something to write with (I used a Nikko G nib with an oblique penholder and sumi ink)

Plus optional sweet treats. I say optional but I’m pretty sure it’s scientifically proven to help with your crafts. I chose mince pies purely because they’re pretty. 


Step 1

Melt your wax.


Step 2

Attach the ribbon to the paper with your wax and stamp it with a pretty design.


Step 3

Write the name or message on your tag.


Step 4

Make someone happy (Alex enjoyed his more than Freja did). Relax and enjoy your well deserved treat.

Hope all of you have a lovely New Years Eve!